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TheSpider's Oric BASIC

Confused about Oric HIRES screen coding?
Visit here for some help: Oric HIRES coding page

To find out what is currently happening in the Oric community, and to search out some excellent software, please visit :

The Oric Site - www.oric.org

A couple of other great Oric software sites are:
To visit a most wonderful and very informative Oric webpage, please click on the link below to be taken to 'Muso's ORIC Site' :

Muso's ORIC Site

Muso is S.D.Marshall, and someone I am very proud to call a friend.

Not find your answer at 'The Oric FAQ'?
Then come ask the Oric community personally at either :
Usenet : comp.sys.oric
IRC Chat : irc.oric.org #oric [Update note: no longer active.]

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Excellent Oric & Microtan Forum
for the Oric community.

The Enterprise 128 is my next
favourite 80's home computer!

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